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LED energy saving lamp 5W


LED energy saving lamp 5W consume slightly: 
  1, micro-power consumption: LED brightness quite a 40W incandescent lamp 2W brightness, 3.6W 60W incandescent light quite bright.
2, LED energy saving lamp voltage adjust range: nominal 220V lamp.
3, LED energy saving lamps with the LED light bulb technology extended to the surface light source, increasing the light-emitting surface, eliminate glare, sublimation visual effects, to eliminate visual fatigue;
4, LED energy saving lamps integrated lens and lampshade design. Shade and protection simultaneously with the condenser and to avoid wasteful duplication of light, make the product more compact
5, LED energy saving lamp cluster package and the radiator and lamp holder integration design. Fully guaranteed the LED heat dissipation requirements and useful life, to meet the fundamental
 LED energy saving lamp structure and shape of any design, very bright LED bulb lamp features;
6, LED energy saving lamp aluminum alloy lamp body and the overall molding process technology, effectively reduce the use of LED light in the process failure.
7, LED energy saving lights flicker. Pure DC work, eliminating the traditional visual fatigue caused by strobe light; green. No lead, mercury contamination in
      Factors, no environmental pollution;
8, LED energy-saving lamps, impact resistance, anti-Lei Lijiang, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass frames, the traditional lamp
      Fragmentation issues, the human body without harm, no radiation. 

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